Subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Germany

The German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce compiles and regularly updates its comprehensive databases of German subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and British subsidiaries in Germany. These databases contain details of over 4,000 companies including more than 1,300 subsidiaries in the UK and some 800 subsidiaries in Germany, together with their respective parent companies.

CD-ROM Specifications

The electronic databases contain companies (limited (ltd), public limited (plc), GmbH and AG), partnerships, branches and joint ventures. As far as possible, information on the subsidiary covers name, address, telephone and fax number, e-mail, website, contact persons, number of employees, turnover, year of foundation, type of company and industrial sector or product/service area. The parent companies are listed with their name, address, telephone/fax number, e-mail and website.

The CD-ROM allows the user great flexibility. It is possible to run specific queries and searches (e.g. by industry codes, turnover bands, geographical location etc.), which makes the database ideal for individual purposes (e.g. mailings).

The information is delivered as an Access 2002 database as well as in Excel 2002 and Excel 1995. There are also text (.txt) and CSV files (.csv) of the database on the CD-ROM for easy import into different software.

Standard / Tailor-made Lists

A standard list of the German subsidiaries in London is available in pdf format at a fixed price.  The Chamber can compile tailor-made listings of German or British subsidiaries (by product area and/or geographical location). These lists are available as Excel files and will contain up to 20 addresses.

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