Reclaim of German VAT

A large number of businesses are not aware that they are entitled to reclaim VAT in other EU member states without being registered for VAT there.

If you are a business registered for VAT in the UK you can use the VAT refund scheme to reclaim VAT paid in Germany given you fulfil certain criteria.

VAT incurred on the following expenses can be reclaimed:

  • exhibition expenses and conference costs,
  • hotel accommodation and subsistence,
  • car rental, car fuel, parking,
  • taxi fares and public transport,
  • training courses,
  • outsourced services.

The VAT refund procedure is time-consuming, and language barriers as well as continually changing VAT legislation can make it difficult to obtain a refund. Our Tax Services Department can assist your business with the application for refund of German VAT. Our bilingual staff members also correspond with the German tax office or with German suppliers to obtain a refund of VAT, saving your company time and money.

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