The Talent Horizon
15.11.2023 · 11:00
15.11.2023 · 12:00
British Time

… from skills to generative AI

Skills shortage and the recruitment of top talent are just a few of the challenges companies are dealing with nowadays. This webinar will look into the various aspects that impact and shape post-Brexit talent strategies:

  • What matters to talent and what are the expectations of candidates and employees from different demographics, from work and from their employers? Exploring key findings from PwC's Workforce Hopes and Fears 2023 survey of 53000+ workers. 
  • How will emerging technologies like generative AI, ChatGPT, the metaverse, VR and other technologies disrupt the world of work?  What are the considerations and applications we see emerging for recruitment and talent acquisition?
  • The world of skills is changing and what are CEOs thinking about skills and talent availability, the future of skills and what it means for recruitment?  Understanding the actions that leaders can prioritise to better understand what their employees want, learn what’s holding them back and—together with their people—make their organisation future ready.
Evelyn Mensah

Evelyn Mensah

Senior Manager Membership & Events


Victoria Bombas

Director, PwC People & Organisation