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Be fully informed about your business partners in Germany.

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When you start selling your products or services to German companies you may wish to gain some knowledge about their legal background and / or financial standing.

We can swiftly provide you with excerpts from the German commercial register including the latest accounts or with credit reports in English.


British companies who deal with German businesses will often – either at the beginning of or during their business relationship – need information on their German counterparts.

We can assist in seeking a variety of such information offering two different services:

  • Excerpts from the German commercial register and accounts 
  • Credit reports


Excerpts from the German commercial register and accounts: 

  • The German commercial register is comparable with the Companies House for England Wales and an excerpt from it contains an overview of all current records (name, registered office, place of business and branches, line of business, subscribed capital, persons authorised to represent the business, legal form and the date of formation) regarding not only companies but also commercial partnerships. 

  • In addition we will aim to obtain the latest accounts on the German business. However, the availability of accounts depends largely on the legal form and the size of the business. 

  • All excerpts and accounts obtained will be forwarded to you by fax or email. 

  • We will also provide you with an English translation and annotation of the excerpt and the format of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account used by the business 

Credit report:

  • We can obtain a credit report from Germany for you on all kinds of existing businesses but private individuals with information on the legal form, the date of formation, the line of business, names of shareholders and partners, names of managers, number of staff, bankers, assets and liabilities, real estate, total of annual sales, manner of meeting obligations and comment on creditworthiness 

  • The reports are written in English and will be forwarded to you by fax or email. 


Excerpts from the German commercial register and accounts:

StandardChamber Members
Handling time: approx. 3 working days£110.00
(£ 132 incl. VAT)
(£ 112.20 incl. VAT)

Credit report:

StandardChamber Members
Normal Credit report
(approx. 9 working days)
(£72.00 incl. VAT)
(£61.20 incl. VAT)
Urgent Credit report
(approx. 2 working days)
(£156.00 incl. VAT)
(£132.60 incl. VAT)