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EFAFLEX celebrates 21 years in the UK with a mini makeover!

‘The original and still the best’ is a phrase that epitomises EFAFLEX high-speed doors. 

Their unique spiral design was originally designed in 2002 and remains the world’s fastest vertically opening door with operational speeds of 4 metres per second. Consider this in the context of helping to reduce exposure to the elements at docking and loading bays, or minimising the risk of cross contamination and improving air purity in cleanrooms, and you will quickly understand why EFAFLEX have become the door of choice for so many industry sectors.

Designed to improve user safety, expedite logistic processes, AND reduce energy savings by as much as 50%, each of their door options are tailored bespoke to each application.

Interior fabric curtain doors, thermally insulated doors for exterior use, machine protection doors – EFAFLEX is a world of doors that open for you.

Check out their new website and see them in action

You and your building can breathe easy with KEIM

Fresh, unpolluted air may have been taken for granted prior to COVID, but The World Health Organisation estimates that globally a staggering 7,000,000 people will die as a result of air pollution each year!

Air quality is not a new concept to KEIM Mineral Paints who are leaders in this field with a heritage of crafting low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) dating back to 1878. Their paint systems have been used around the world on projects ranging from cottages to castles, historic to high rise due to their outstanding performance and breathability.

Using these photocatalytic mineral silicate paints will help neutralise air pollution, as well as reduce noxious gases and odours. KEIM paints are unique. Manufactured using natural earth oxide pigments they don’t contain any harmful ingredients, solvents, or petrochemicals. Add a paint layer in the morning, and a room can be ready to re-use later that same day.

The paint systems, which include a range for interior, exterior use, and finishes including concrete and renders, penetrate into the surface for extra durability. Add in benefits include incombustibility, UV stability, and of course breathability, and you’ll understand why they are considered super eco-friendly!

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