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HereLocation is your reliable partner for seamless relocation and immigration services between Germany and England

Our profound understanding of both cultures enables smooth integration into your new living or working environment. Our multilingual team of experts supports you in all matters – from house hunting and administrative procedures to school searches and mobility issues, including language assistance. We guide you safely through the complexities of visa and residency matters, allowing you to fully concentrate on starting your new chapter in life. Individually tailored service packages for individuals, families, and companies ensure personal support that exceeds your expectations. Our extensive relocation packages also include intercultural training, promoting trouble-free social and professional integration. Rely on our proven experience and local expertise for a worry-free fresh start in Germany or England.

KBC Coaching and Consulting

Providing bespoke training, facilitation, and coaching services to leaders and their teams in both German and English

Katrin Bulach Charlton, the founder of KBC Coaching and Consulting, made a career transition from the Investment Banking and Investment Management industry. Inspired by her entrepreneurial parents, she has also managed her own businesses. Originally from Germany, Katrin has lived in various countries before settling in the UK. Her diverse personal and professional experiences equip her to understand her clients' individual challenges.  

Katrin offers training, facilitation, and coaching services to clients on an international scale, catering to a wide spectrum of businesses, from large multinational corporations to smaller boutique firms.  

Katrin is passionately committed to helping her clients achieve accelerated growth in their professional and personal lives, making it easier for them to unlock their full potential as well as their team's potential.  

For more information, please visit or reach out to Katrin at katrin(at) to schedule a discovery call.

MR Train and Consult Ltd – bespoke training services in English and German

With globalization, I offer customized English for business/professional purposes built on several decades of experience, the relevant qualifications and I have thereby improved client’s career prospects and company performance.  Coupled with my professional English training is my vast experience delivering intercultural communication training.  I have advised small companies in the UK on doing business in Germany.  With German companies, I can advise on how to formulate USPs and other promotional material well in English to maximize appeal to potential parties, whether small, medium or global players.

If you are looking to expand your business into the UK, to cooperate or communicate with UK businesses as a German company or organization, or as a UK business hoping to expand your business contacts and cooperation with German companies, I can help.  In a brief call, we can explore how I will be able to provide bespoke training in the above to maximize your appeal and to bring about tangible results.  My long international experience in Learning and Development, Talent Management and HR allows me to offer these training services in English and German.  I have helped set up two training centres, designed, delivered and evaluated soft skills, and other Executive training programmes in German and English.

Please contact Marie-Christina Rieder mc.rieder(at) to set up an introductory call.

Decarbonisation - this is not business as usual!

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) and Scope 1 – 3 emissions management already define the agenda. The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) and the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) are already strategic drivers for many companies, large and small – both in the UK and Europe.

Sustainability and decarbonisation are game changers presenting opportunities such as premium pricing for sustainable low carbon offerings, but also existential threats to existing operations.
Business as usual is not an option.

Wenlock Hill Consulting Limited (WHCL) is focused on supporting companies on their sustainability strategies to master these challenges. Services range from short term consulting assignments to longer term advisory services including independent Board advisor / NED roles.

Email: richard.carter(at)

Jasmine Perera, Head of Sales and Operations for the UK

Resilience drives Customer-Centricity as you practice what you preach

The Retail Performance Company holds customer-centricity at the core of everything we do, driving business performance, as better connections between brands and customers create value for everybody involved.

Through 2020 we all saw a dynamic change in how we work, live and play. So much, we saw the quietly emerging understanding of mental health take centre stage, as it became very evident for the world that we all play the lead role in ensuring and maintaining our own mental health well-being ahead of our colleagues, peers, team, business and customers.

Jasmine Perera, Head of Sales and Operations for the UK, Professional Coach and Master NLP Practitioner with Applied Neuroscience: “We see the trends and growing complexities also reflected in the services requested from our clients. Whilst we have an increasing demand for performance solutions, be it in Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Consulting, Training, and Coaching, our people-focused offers like our Virtual Resilience Programme have gained a key focus of empathetic and authentic strength in 2021. Customer-centricity starts within!”

To find out how your business is tracking and how you can benefit from “human-centric” thinking, visit our website or email: info-uk(at)