Debt collection

You may have sold your goods or services to Germany and not yet been paid.

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In this situation our fully bilingual lawyers, who are familiar with both the English and German legal systems and cultures, will assist you in obtaining payment.

Our efforts are aimed at an amicable settlement without recourse to expensive legal proceedings.


With our debt collection service we assist British companies in collecting outstanding debts from German firms.

Our efforts are directed towards settling matters without recourse to legal proceedings and do not amount to any kind of legal action for recovery.


  • To check the prospects of each individual claim from the legal and practical point of view, we need copies of the contractual documents concerned: orders, agreed terms, conditions, invoices and the relevant correspondence. 

  • Should we take the view that for legal or practical reasons it would not be expedient to use our debt collection procedure after examining the documents, we will inform you of this right away and you will only have to pay an administration fee in the amount of half the basic fee.

  • If the debtor should become subject to bankruptcy/Liquidation proceedings after the commencement of our debt collection procedure, we inform the trustee in bankruptcy of the claim asserted by you.


All our fees have to be settled by the creditor and contain a basic and a success fee.

Value of ClaimBasic FeeSuccess Fee
Up to £5,000£200 plus VAT15% plus VAT
Over £5,000£240 plus VAT10% plus VAT
Over £15,000£ 300 plus VAT10% plus VAT
Over £40,000£400 plus VAT10% plus VAT

Members of the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce are entitled to a discount of 15% on both basic and success fees.