Partner Search in Germany

Here you can find an overview of two of the market entry services the German-British Chamber has to offer: An agent search and a partner mailing.

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We support British Business!

The former German Chancellor, Willy Brandt famously said 'If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen!'. In many cases this rule-of-thumb still applies when exporting products to Germany.

Employing bilingual staff the Chamber can help you bridge any language barriers and use its expertise to help your business succeed on the German market.

Apart from the services offered on our market entry page, we also offer business partner searches in Germany.

Our two market entry services:

Agent Search

Why choose the agent search?

Being the primary German bilateral trade chamber based in London, we bring many years of experience into the field. Being part of the German Chamber Network, we have an established name not only in the British market, but especially in the German market.

Our name and our experience help us extend your company's reach when looking for an agent on the German market. Having established channels of communication and reaching out, we can tap the right pools of agents, helping you find the suitable agent that is specialised on your product/service range.

Creating a bridge between the language barriers, the German-British Chamber can help your company in avoiding any extra costs that occur by hiring translators. Being the middle man means that we can help grow the connections that you gain on the German market.

How does it work?

Over the course of a year, we advertise your products/services in order to find the suitable agents for you. According to our experience, we believe that 12 months is the ideal amount of time to tap the right pools of agents.

Advertising in specialised magazines and within agent networks, we are well positioned to take the work of finding an agent off your hands.

In order to find the right agent for you, we translate the specifications you provide us with in order to find the best agents within your field.

Once the agents have got in touch with us, we forward your details to the agent in order for them to initiate a professional business relationship with you. Of course we stand ready to help should there be any communication problems between the two parties.


The cost for the Agent Search is £1,200.

Additional costs that will arise include advertising costs, which will be dependent on how often your business would like to be advertised in the course of 12 months.

Prices include VAT and all orders must be prepaid.

Partner Mailing

Why choose the partner mailing?

Being part of the wider German Chamber Network means that we have an established name in the German Market. This name helps to extend the attention that your business will receive if you opt for a business partner mailing with the German-British Chamber. 

Having access to specialised databases, we can pinpoint the ideal business partners for your business. This takes the strenuous research work out of your hands and into our.

Employing bilingual staff, the German-British Chamber is able to prepare marketing materials in the German language. These will contain the information that you choose to include. Acting as the bridge between cultures and languages, we will help your business extend its reach with German marketing materials.

How does it work?

The business partner mailings that we at the German-British Chamber conduct, tend to take approx. 2 months. After receiving your payment, we commence with our research work. Depending on the available data, this first stage tends to take between 4 & 6 weeks.

After 4-6 weeks we will have completed an address list with potential business partners. These potential business partners will be carefully chosen based on criteria you provide us with.

Being in touch with your business, we will draft marketing materials which will include the information that you are willing to disclose and share. These materials will help gain the potential suitors' attention help initiate an interest. These marketing materials tend to consist of:

  • Cover letter
  • Sheet containing an overview of your business' products/services
  • Reply sheet

Once you have given us a heads-up on the marketing materials and the address list, we send out the materials to all of the contacts.

All responses are forwarded to you. In case of any comprehension or communicative problems, we will help you where we can.


The total cost for this service is: £4,800

An initial down payment of £2,400 will be required.

The outstanding £2,400 will be charged upon completion.

Prices include VAT.