Translation Services

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Top tips for selecting a translation services provider

  1. Alongside the language combinations and service level you need, consider what is most important to you – is it on-time delivery, smooth communication, quality management, cost considerations, transparency etc.
  2. A good translation company should provide guidance, be transparent and have systems and processes in place to ensure they fully understand your objectives and requirements upfront.
  3. Have a browse of their website to see whether their areas of expertise and experience match your needs.
  4. Try to get a feel for what they will be like to work with from your initial enquiry – in terms of responsiveness, transparency and general manner to make sure they align with your business and your values. It’s also important to establish clear and open communication with your account manager who will be overseeing your projects.

At ecls, our team specialises in the technology, manufacturing and marketing industries and we work tirelessly in pursuit of our shared purpose: delivering the highest quality translations to ensure you exceed your international communication, business development and expansion goals.