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ADEST provides local storage solutions (customs bound) & representation

Looking at the Brexit-driven challenges and potential disruptions/delays in transport and customs handling, ADEST as an owner-operated family enterprise based in Hamburg, can help you keep your business running.

On-time and just-in-time delivery requirements will be challenged by the unknown developments. Buffer storage options and customs bonded stores extend UK companies` abilities to act quickly, in time and flexibly, without tying up liquidity unnecessarily: Final destinations (final customer) can be decided upon case-by-case, import duties are only payable when goods are removed from the bonded store.

Not only Brexit redefines trade, but paired with Covid additional challenges such companies` options regarding external representation appear.

With long years of representation experience, ADEST is the foot on the ground where companies cannot afford or manage to have one themselves.

Business travel for meetings of lower priority will raise discussions regarding necessity and economic efficiency. Looking ahead these might be hard to organize at all, given the Covid restrictions.

Should attendance be required at a local meeting, we will have it covered!

ADEST offers bonded warehouse capabilities, a global network of experienced forwarders enabling smooth operations, as well as individual representation solutions based on reliability, trust and quality.