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German Packaging Law
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08/07/2021 · 10:00
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08/07/2021 · 11:00

New Regulations Wrapped Up

The German Packaging Law webinar will explain how British companies will be affected by new regulations starting in July 2021.


The German Packaging Law (VerpackG) currently requires all those who commercially bring eligible packaging on to the German market to register with the German Packaging Register and pay a licence fee to a German recycling scheme.

The webinar will explain how the definition of ‘eligible packaging’ has been extended to more types of packaging and will therefore affect a wider range of companies, including now also B2B exporters.


Specifically, there will be information on the new requirements for:

  • Transport packaging and other packaging not destined for the private user
  • Reusable packaging, service packaging and packaging that cannot currently be licensed, such as hazardous materials packaging
  • Plastic single-use drinks bottles and tins, milk and milk product packaging
  • E-Commerce platforms and fulfilment service companies

New Packaging Regulations in Germany - July 2021