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Raising your profile effectively in a foreign market

Companies looking to raise their profiles internationally, be it in Germany, the UK, or beyond, using the local and international English-language business media, face very similar challenges, such as overcoming the language barrier, understanding and adapting to the cultural differences, navigating the UK, German, and international media landscape, competing with local and international players, building trust, a reputation, and establishing brand awareness in a new market.

Profile Raising International, a proud member of the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce, provides B2B marketing and communications services, specializing in helping companies of all sizes overcome these challenges. With our extensive international and local expertise, our holistic understanding of the industry, and network of resources, we assist both German and UK companies in effectively communicating their message, understanding and adapting to the relevant culture and media landscape, building trust and reputation, and differentiating themselves in a competitive market. Our comprehensive range of cost-effective services, including brand and content marketing campaigns, media partnership ideation, content creation, industry recognition awards submission strategies, creative design, and strategic PR advisory, make us an invaluable resource for growing companies seeking to raise their profiles in a targeted way and achieve their business objectives in these key markets.

3 things to think about before launching an international PR campaign.

One of the biggest challenges for organisations launching in a new territory is having a clear proposition that will speak to each region. A PR agency can be invaluable in delivering a communications plan that ensures your business translates. But how do you find the right fit for you?

What do you want PR to achieve?

Be clear about how PR will contribute to the bigger business objective. This can differ in each territory – educating the market might be the number one priority in one region, whereas attracting new recruits is more pressing somewhere else.

Ensure your business translates

Before communicating that you’ve launched somewhere new, it’s important to get your messaging straight. A good agency can help you to develop your proposition – as well as providing guidance on what the media in that region want to hear about, and how they want to be approached.

A centralised approach 

If you’re launching in multiple countries, keeping your communications plan coherent can be a logistical nightmare. Whether it’s someone in-house or a ‘lead’ agency, the right team can help to coordinate all that knowledge, as well as seeing where there are opportunities to translate and adapt content to local markets.

Fourth Day runs many cross-border PR and content campaigns. We help our clients to build brand awareness and credibility across territories - by identifying the most appropriate channels, securing quality coverage and introducing them to the most relevant international contacts in their industry.

To discuss your own international PR strategy, contact info(at)

Compelling (brand) communication

Make that first impression Great for your market in Britain!

Your brand is premium for a reason, but how you communicate this can make the difference between success and failure. Missed opportunities due to communication that doesn’t meet expectation are plentiful – premium products that don’t quite hit the right note or online browsing that doesn’t result in a sale because content isn’t of the quality expected. You need experts by your side who understand the cultural nuances of the market, as well as the specifics of the way your target group behaves — how they speak and what matters to them. Consumers have long memories!

Gera.Solutions can help integrate your brand values across all content, providing compelling communications that bring results in your British markets. Our multi-disciplinary teams, with multi-sector, multi-cultural and multi-lingual experience, can ensure you get your message right first time.

We are experts in integrating brand values into effective communications. If you would like experienced support in entering or expanding in the UK markets please contact Anita Gera of Gera.Solutions, at anita(at) or on LinkedIn: and let’s talk about what’s important to your brand.